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At the Friendship Tree, we boast a dedicated team of behavioral treatment specialists working directly with each child. Our team works collaboratively with parents and the staff of the Wisconsin Early Autism Project to design and deliver contemporary behavioral treatment.


Through attendance at the Friendship Tree and enrollment in behavioral treatment through the Wisconsin Early Autism Project, your child will benefit from our unique teaching and treatment team.  Your child with autism will access an individualized treatment plan, overseen by Wisconsin Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and delivered by Behavioral Treatment Therapists and Technicians.  Each child will access daily one-on-one teaching sessions, delivered in both distraction-free and peer-enriched environments. 


When participating in group activities in the classroom setting, your child will access instruction delivered by accredited preschool teachers and assistant teachers, who work with (and as part of) our behavioral treatment team to deliver individualized curriculum. 

As experts in their field, and with daily access to ongoing supervision and training, our teachers and behavioral treatment specialists are like no others. Our favorable student-teacher ratio means that team members at all levels will interact with your child daily, and help them benefit from the unique and collaborative learning environment we have grown at the Friendship Tree.

Chris Polacek

Clinic Director

Kimberly Wroblewski

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Jaime Vareka

Advanced Behavioral Treatment Therapist

Megan Hill

Team Trainer

Rebecca Uselman

Lead Teacher

Dr. Rebecca Thompson

Clinical Psychologist & BCBA-D

Pamela Brown

Administrative Director

Elizabeth Moyer

Behavioral Treatment Therapist

Jonathan Zabel

Team Trainer

Truong Tran

Administrative Leader

Dr. Joseph Perron

Clinical Psychologist & BCBA-D

Carlynn Southard

Clinical Leader

Christina Sutton

Behavioral Treatment Therapist

Keely Rink

Lead Teacher

Mary Smith

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Stacie Squire

Advanced Behavioral Treatment Therapist

Allison Barth

Team Trainer

Lyndsey Ross

Lead Teacher


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