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The Friendship Tree, in partnership with the Wisconsin Early Autism Project, is proud to offer center-based comprehensive behavioral treatment in a classroom environment.  The Wisconsin Early Autism Project has carried out over 20 years of clinical research and practice, demonstrating that with early comprehensive treatment, based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, children with autism can make significant and life-changing gains.

The Wisconsin Early Autism Project uses effective and progressive strategies for the behavioral treatment of autism.  The center-based treatment option takes the essential components of a home-based program, and pairs it with the additional benefits of a peer-enriched learning opportunities, and continued partnership with parents and caregivers.


Together, the Friendship Tree and the Wisconsin Early Autism Project create a comprehensive center-based treatment model that offers your child: 

  • An enriched learning environment

  • Evidence-based teaching strategies

  • A structured and individualized treatment plan

  • Ongoing assessment and evaluation

At the Friendship Tree, in partnership with the Wisconsin Early Autism Project, we deliver programs use multiple methods to address a range of skill areas, including learning readiness, social communication, social interaction, school readiness, and self-care. Treatment is most effective when started between the ages of 18 months to 4 years, and when provided at an intensive level of hours per week (up to 40).  Comprehensive treatment is usually recommended for 2-3 years in duration, followed by systematic and planned integration into an appropriate educational placement.

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