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The first step towards enrollment in the Friendship Tree is contacting our Intake Department. They will provide information on the center-based treatment program offered by the Friendship Tree and the Wisconsin Early Autism Project.

We are currently enrolling young children with availability for full-time participation in early comprehensive behavioral treatment programs.

A Diagnostic Evaluation involves a review of your child’s medical and developmental history and a thorough parent interview to address your concerns about your child’s development as well as your child’s skills and strengths.  During play-based interaction with your child, our diagnostician will assess for characteristics of autism and explore activities that may motivate your child and create opportunities for learning. 


The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS®-2) is a standardized assessment tool used during the Diagnostic Evaluation to identify symptoms of autism and distinguish between children with autism and children with other types of differences in development.  


Our diagnosticians consider all of the information gathered during the Diagnostic Evaluation to determine whether your child meets the DSM-5 criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder and whether our treatment program might be beneficial for your child.


If your child already has a diagnosis of autism, and you are pursuing a comprehensive treatment program, we invite you to take a tour of our center to see how we can best meet you and your child's needs.  Referrals are not necessary for a Diagnostic Evaluation or enrollment.

If you think your child might be affected by autism and could benefit from center-based treatment, contact our Intake Department to arrange for a Diagnostic or Intake Evaluation.  For information about our center-based treatment program, contact the Friendship Tree below to arrange a tour. 


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