At the Friendship Tree, we understand how important the early years are to both you and your child.  The early years are a time of rapid growth, and they provide a foundation for learning, friendship, and independence.  For our children and families affected by autism, a center that provides a context for learning that captures the interest, attention, and strengths of children is one that leads them down the path of life-long learning.  At the Friendship Tree, our aim is to prepare our children for developmental, social, and educational prosperity as they prepare for transition into their elementary school.  

Our approach and curriculum at the Friendship Tree offer a unique combination of early-learning markers and a research-based autism treatment program to create a developmentally appropriate, individualized approach for each child. Guided by the Lovaas Curriculum© our behavioral treatment specialists enhance the classroom experience to implement a modern, blended ABA approach to decades of research on early autism treatment.  Our curriculum provides an opportunity for a child-centered and individualized approach for each child present in the Friendship Tree.  


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