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The Friendship Tree is a state-of-the-art licensed autism treatment center, where your child with autism can develop the skills needed for long-term developmental, social, and educational success.  Our approach is grounded in the most current research on child development, education and evidence-based autism treatment, offering your child and family a unique blend of individualized treatment and education in a peer-enriched classroom. 

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Learn more about the Friendship Tree, a state-of-the-art facility that provides a specialized, peer-enriched environment where your child can access comprehensive behavioral treatment.


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Welcome to the Friendship Tree.  We are pleased to invite you to our family, where we will work together to create the building blocks to your child’s development and early education.  At the Friendship Tree, we strive to meet the needs of young children with autism, by delivering an individualized treatment plan in the context of a peer-enriched program.  Our team of highly qualified behavioral treatment specialists are dedicated to providing a happy and nurturing atmosphere in which each child can develop to their fullest potential. The curriculum is diverse, flexible, and individualized for each child. Each child is valued and encouraged to develop singular talents and abilities while learning to be part of a group.  We hope that you join us on this journey to life-long learning by enrolling your child in the Friendship Tree. We're looking forward to meeting you.



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Learn more about how your child with autism can access early, evidence-based, comprehensive behavioral treatment through enrollment at the Friendship Tree.

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Learn more about how our curriculum used at the Friendship Tree addresses the developmental, social and educational needs of your child through an individualized, evidence-based approach.

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